Give a Little Time

It’s fun being “in” on a surprise. Especially as a journalist. You know before hand where to point the camera.

Gordon Beecher sat in a management meeting this morning at Richland City Hall, when in walks his wife and about a dozen other people, including me with my camera rolling. Behind me, the executive director of the United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties.


Gordon is this year’s Volunteer of the Year.

I turn my camera around to Kathy Beecher.


The United Way is giving her the honor, too.

The Beechers have been up to their ears in the local United Way for more than a dozen years, putting in countless hours. Gordon serves on several boards. Kathy volunteers as a counselor for college-bound students. Both are champions of the Babies Can’t Wait and Prepared By Twenty Programs.

 Gordon says it’s easy to volunteer in the Tri Cities.

“We’ve lived all over the United States and been in a bunch of United Way campaigns, but this community is the most pro-active in giving.”

What’s so extraordinary about extraordinary people?

They make it seem so ordinary.

Watch the surprise at KNDU-KNDO. COM.


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One response to “Give a Little Time

  1. Kathy Beecher

    Thank You Kevin–That was so nice!

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