Hound Dog

Sawyer, aka "Henry"

The game plan, the call from the huddle, was to spend the winter querying and finding an agent to represent my novel. In between the polite form letters and e-rejections, I would work on the sequel and the rough draft of a third manuscript.

From the sidelines, however, the coach sent in Henry, a six-month-old hound-lab mix with irresistibly soulful hazel eyes and the featured rescued dog in the Pet of the Week segment on Northwest Today.

I walked off the set and talked myself out of it. You must query. You must network. Puppies take work. You must resist.

Did I mention Henry’s irresistible eyes?

By nightfall, Henry, now renamed Sawyer, was sniffing out his new digs while I lugged in a forty-pound bag of puppy food and rummaged the kitchen cabinets for a suitable bowl, a blue one to compliment his eyes.

Weekend mornings, reserved for hammering away at drafts and rewrites between coffee refills and wiping jam from the laptop keyboard, now include the occasional rub on Sawyer’s chest, getting up to investigate mysterious rustling and thumps down the hall, and the frequent trips into spring showers when Sawyer has pressing business outside.

What’s the saying? Man plans, God chuckles? 

I suppose if we waited for conditions to be perfect, couples would never have babies, and authors would never start writing their books.

And Sawyer does his part; he licks the jam from my fingers.

BTW: The difficult part of  this post…getting Sawyer to stay still to snap his picture.





Good job!



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6 responses to “Hound Dog

  1. Didn’t you know that writers must have animals? Who else is going to listen to the many versions of our manuscript? My dog, Togo, is a shelter dog too. And no matter which draft I read to her, she listens as if it’s the best ever. Can’t say that for many humans. LOL

  2. So true! Man plans, God chuckles! We were done having kids after we had 2 (and I had a tubal ligation), then came twins. I put a ban on anymore pets in our home, then found a kitten with a broken pelvis under my Suburban. But it always seems better after my plans have been changed!

  3. Teri McCann

    Oh my goodness he has grown! This is Teri, I did your adoption! He is just beautiful, and to think he had such a lousy start to life. He is living the high life now!!! So glad he chose you, you do realize you had no chance to say no, right?

    • After the segment, “Henry” walked up and nudged my shin. I was a gonner. Still am, when Sawyer jumps onto the bed and extends his paw. He knows that Friday was his lucky day. Again, kudos to POPP and all the volunteers.

  4. Kathie

    You old softy…you are weak, but he is so cute. It would have been hard to resist.

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