Is it a Guy Thing?

What do you think? Is this a guy thing?

The DOT inspected the Benton City bridge this week. I couldn’t take my eyes off it: the crane hoisting the engineers in the basket over the arches, and because the crane’s arm has an elbow versatile to go in either direction, the inspectors could lower themselves and duck under the span, just feet from the rushing Yakima River below.

I think it is a guy thing.  Across the street, a few men stood alongside the highway watching the crane inch its way along the bridge, looking just as captivated as the TV guy getting shots from the river bank, unconcerned about his wingtips getting muddy. Male drivers didn’t seem to mind the DOT closing one lane of the two lane bridge–it gave them a chance to check out the crane.

Meanwhile, their female counterparts looked like they just wanted to get on down the road.

 If I  hadn’t been so slammed this week, I would have stayed and watched longer. I could have watched all day. Like gazing at fish in an aquarium, there was something soothing about the whole thing.

The experience reminded me of a video some years back of bulldozers, backhoes and other construction equipment in action. That’s all it was, but it was very popular among children–especially boys. 

Yes, I was one of those boys who played with trucks in the dirt. 

So guys, Go to the KNDU Web site to see the video I took.

And gals, if it’s any consolation, behind the scenes on Northwest Today, it has been Quiche Week. I’ve been baking up a storm…



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3 responses to “Is it a Guy Thing?

  1. Randy Scarberry

    Well, if they didn’t have that contraption, and they actually had to climb around in the girders to do an inspection, this is what might happen. It would definitely be a “guy thing”. They’d stand on the river bank, look it over through a pairs of binoculars, have a couple of smokes, and say, “Looks fine to me. What you think, Bubba?” “Yep, looks great. Gotta light?”

  2. Jacob Metcalf

    Your not the only one. When I lived in Kitsap county there was around the clock coverage of the construction of the new Tacoma Narrows bridge. The high up massive construction was quite a drama and eye candy for engineers.

    • Maybe there’s something about bridges that’s so fascinating, the whole notion of conquering an obstacle with man-made ingenuity (I may be overthinking this).

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