Considering it wasn’t that many years ago I didn’t see a need outside of work for a cell phone, it’s rather remarkable that I’m now joined at the hip by a Droid and mow the yard to the iTunes library shuffling from an iPod Touch. Designing and maintaining this blog is further testimony to how far I’ve come (Giving due credit to WordPress.com for making it easy).

So as I walk among the cyber savvy on the convention center floor at IT Day, I’m feeling relatively confident, or at least far less anxious and overwhelmed by IT.

There, I even know it by its cool acronym. It sounds so futuristic.

IT, Information Technology, covers a broad spectrum, but essentially it’s everything: Your computer, your iPad, your iPod, your smart phone, the wireless network, everything techy about, well, information.

And I’m somewhat, kind of , sort of getting my brain wrapped around the newest, futuristic technology.  

You’ve probably seen the commercials, “Go to The Cloud.”   

Computer Cloud Technology is this cyber-riffic place. Microsoft, Amazon, and other companies are investing in this huge infrastructure, storing all sorts of data that otherwise would be filling up our desktops, lap tops, and smartphones.

Sounds great for the business person stuck at the airport or holed up in a hotel room needing a file from the computer back at the office.

But what about the rest of us?

“There are a lot of social networking applications that rely on cloud computing,” Dana Jensen explained to me on the convention floor.  Jensen is Director of Creative Strategic Services for Lockheed Martin (Is that a cool, futuristic title, or what?).

 “A lot of people store their family photos in the cloud. So instead of having to store it locally where you only have access to it like your desktop, you can store it in the cloud, and have access from where ever you’re at.”

Kind of like that big Tupperware tub in the attic storing your Christmas ornaments.

“It also can make data more secure,” Jensen says. 

Okay. I get it.  

Sort of.


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