Tracks the Railroad Left Behind

A follow-up on my post a few weeks back: The Railroad is Coming!

Burlington Northern Santa Fe has finished work on the new railroad crossing, more importantly to drivers, A-pota-clypse  is gone, that moon crater of a pot hole that has been blamed for more than its share of wheel misalignments and spilled coffee over the past decade.  After three days of  everyone going the long way around because of the detour, BNSF has filled in and smoothed over the pot hole, with only its axle-bending, teeth jarring, and espresso-spilling legacy left in our memories.

As you can see from this fuzzy, pre-dawn shot, the road on either side of the new tracks hasn’t been paved yet. The RR is leaving that to local governments. So expect another week of bumps, flying dust and gravel, and then more delays and detours when city workers lay the black top.

Then, then, the spring roundabout project will finally be complete, just in time for summer, aka Road Construction Season.


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