Brush with Fame

Paul in Prague

In the business, journalists call it a “get.” Barbara Walters got Anwar Sadat, Oprah Winfrey got Michael Jackson–one of those famous, charismatic individuals who have achieved iconic status.

Early in my career, I almost got Paul McCartney. Almost.

I had just moved to Santa Barbara County to work for the CBS affiliate. On my first day, the chief editor says, “You should have been here last week. You probably would have interviewed  Paul.”

I didn’t need to ask, “Paul Who?”

The editor told me how Paul and Linda had flown in to shoot the SAY SAY SAY video at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch outside Los Olivos. Paul gave a few interviews. The editor showed me the unedited video. I wanted to sob like a teenage girl who had just missed The Beatles’ Limousine.

Had I started work just a few days earlier.

Since then, I’ve interviewed governors and  senators, astronauts and ocean explorers, presidential candidates, Hollywood celebrities, and a couple in Lompoc, California who loved purple so much everything they owned was purple (including their house, car, and clothing). But the Purple People and most of my other “gets” pale at the thought of getting the chance to interview Paul. It would have been the quintessential OMG to shake hands, question, and hob-nob with one of  the Fab Four, my heroes growing up–and to this day.

I’m gushing, aren’t I? Are journalists permitted to gush?

I suspect my interview with Sir Paul would have gone quite similar to the classic SNL skit with Chris Farley.

Now I did have lunch with Ricky Nelson when I worked at Disneyland, but that’s another story.

So SAY SAY SAY. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met? Share your Brush With Fame in the comment section below (a lot of people have been posting their brushes with fame on the KNDU Facebook page. Check them out, too.).



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9 responses to “Brush with Fame

  1. Lisa Brain

    When I was a kid I was skiing up at Mission Ridge in Wenatchee, my older sister and I went to the lodge for lunch Bruce Willis sat down next to use to eat also. He was doing some filming for a Die Hard movie in Moses Lake at the base there.

  2. Daniel Bates

    I met the members of the band Skillet when they all signed my CD!

  3. Sandra Mauws

    Mel Brooks when he was making a move next to the Presidio in SF, Also stood next to RFK JR at the Col Basin Raq Club, he was here to give a speech at CBC & went there to do a work out, the girl at the desk didn’t recognize him at first & asked him his name so she could sign him in as a quest, she turned tonque tied when he told her.

  4. Roy

    As a teenager living in Seattle I was working for a retail store at Northgate mall and was able to meet Ken Griffey Jr, Omar Vasquez both of Seattle Mariners and Danna Burrows of the Super Sonics. The great thing about meeting all three was getting tickets at roll call for three different games. It’s great when players appreciated their fans. On another occasion I was able to meet Lane Stanley and all the rest of the members of Alice N Chains back in 1991 and 1992 in Spokane and Yakima.

  5. dan quillen

    I have never really ran into any celebreties here in tri-cities. I have met a few football players here when i was younger i was held as a baby by Sam Atkins and another Seahawk at Hubbys pizza if i remember the story right, and Mike Tice at a football camp at Edgar Brown Stadium. I did cook for Alan Alda at Cedars when he came into town about 7 years back. I also ran into my childhood hero Steve Largent when my family was cruising the San Juan Islands at Friday harbor i will never forget that day. A few friends of mine and I ran into Reba in Seattle down Pike Street, i saw her go into a movie and ran up to catch her as she came out because my friends are big fans and yes they both froze when they saw her. I ran into Nate Mcmillan now head coach of the Portland Blazers, then a player for the Sonics. I asked him to send a message to my friend that couldn’t make it to the Puff Daddy concert on our video camera, man it was funny and he did it what a guy!

  6. TJ

    I spent my freshman year of college at Pepperdine. So Georgetta Foreman registered my for classes, the Mowrey twins were seen at convocation and in the cafeteria, and the singer Brandi sat with my friends at a basketball game. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, they were just schoolmates.

  7. Julie

    Eddie Vedder came up to me at the Seattle airport when I was a teenager and gave me a signed record. It was at that point that I realized being unique was not such a bad thing after all!

  8. Harley Grinder

    I have met Dick Clark..Penny Marshal and Maurice Gibb all because of my love of playing paintball.

  9. I’ll start. Bob Hope. He bought popcorn from me when I worked at Disneyland.

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