A Case of Mistaken Identity


“….And then there was the time a waitress mistook me for the child actor who played Bud, the redheaded, freckle-faced friend of Flipper. Flipper was a dolphin, the star of the sixties TV show of the same name.

Bud (Tommy Norden)

What do you think? See any resemblance?


I was only about nine, so I didn’t catch on right away to what was taking place, but our table did seem to get a lot of attention from the restaurant staff as well as the diners around us. I knew something was up when the waitress put a slice of chocolate cake before me
(In my middle class family we seldom ate out, and we never ordered desert).

Now this brings up the question, why didn’t the adults at the table correct the waitress?

Let’s see. Service versus Great service. And cake.

It probably helped add to the illusion, alright the fraud, that my older brother sitting next to me was blond, which in the show, Bud’s
older brother Sandy was also blond, and about the same age.

So what’s your Brush with Fame? Share in the comment section below.



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5 responses to “A Case of Mistaken Identity

  1. Julie

    My husband has been mistaken for the lead singer of nickelback a few times. We never got anything free out of it though as he always corrects them. 😉

  2. The "Other" Bruce Willis

    I used to work in Hollywood and was visiting the set of a Disney Channel made-for-TV movie at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA when I was mistaken for someone else. The original “Die Hard” had just come out and I was wearing Levi blue jeans and a white shirt and had the same haircut as Bruce Willis did in the movie. That day, a group from a Japanese entertainment company was visiting the studio. As the group passed through the set, the golf cart they were riding in came to a sudden halt. One of them men came up and asked me for my autograph and wondered if I did my own stunts. Being that a friend of mine had said I also looked like Bruce Willis, I just ran with it and said, “Yes, I do my own stunts” and signed the back of this man’s business card as Bruce Willis.

  3. Celebrity Spotter

    Oops, I meant for the above to posts to be in “Brush with Fame” — sorry Kevin.

  4. Celebrity Spotter

    While shopping one afternoon in Sherman Oaks, CA, I noticed Fred Willard (the News Director in “Anchorman”) standing in the food court. If you know anything about Mr. Willard, he’s been in the entertainment business for years. I walked up to him, told him a greatly enjoyed his work and moved on.

  5. Celebrity Spotter

    Was walking through SFO a few years back and out from a side door in the terminal comes Jerry Rice. He was on his way to a game and dressed like he just walked off the set of a GQ photo shoot. Kids and adults were walking up to him for autographs, which he signed as we continued to walk side by side through the terminal. This walk lasted a few minutes until he finally reached his gate and I patted him on the back and said “Have a great game!” He smiled and thanked me.

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