What’s your Memorial Day game plan?

The market has hotdogs on sale.  Park rangers have their uniforms pressed. You’ve picked up the kids’ sleeping bags from the dry cleaners (you have, right?).

Everything’s ready for the first three-day weekend of  summer.

And clunk: overcast, rainy, windy; it never fails. As traditional as the holiday, the weather always, always arrives like a box of chocolates.

This year is no exception. KNDU/KNDO Weathercaster  Blake Jensen anticipates a hit and miss weekend, mostly light and scattered showers  (“Sunday is looking best… if you’re planning a BBQ.”) and temperatures below normal (This Spring, what else is new?).

However, despite the forecast, and gas prices still hovering at four dollars a gallon, AAA  says it expects this holiday weekend some 35 million Americans will hit the road, taking their chances with the flakey forecast.

So what is your tradition on this kick-off to summer weekend?  Will you spend it on the water, in the mountains, in the yard?

Post in the comment section below.  I’ll share some of them on Northwest Today.. as we whine about the holiday forecast.



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3 responses to “What’s your Memorial Day game plan?

  1. Teri Ehr

    Funny you should use the word “clunk” in regards to plans changing and weather being hit and miss on Memorial Day Weekend. Our plan was to leave town and visit Grandma in Clarkston. We made it to Burbank and literally ‘CLUNK’ – the truck breaks down. Now I’m just looking forward to a weekend of naps at home. Ob La Di!

  2. Jamie Lennick

    Have family coming in town to help paint the outside of the house. What do you think? Talk about hit and miss. We will be sitting inside a dark house, (as all the windows and doors will be covered with paper), waiting for the optimal moment to paint. Should be fun!

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