From the file: What Were You Thinking?

Everyone who’d like another chance, please step forward.

Except you, Mr. Graichen. Our records indicated you’ve already had yours.

Police arrested Ryan Graichen a few months back for violating a court order not to make contact with his former girlfriend. Prosecutors say he had approached the woman in a public place. Graichen argued it was a chance encounter, an innocent coincidence.

The judge raised bail to $250,000 and reminded Graichen that no contact means no contact. 

That was in April.

This week police arrested Graichen again and charged him with stalking after prosecutors say he allegedly set up a fictitious Facebook account to talk to the woman. The judge bumped up bail to a cool one million dollars, and today deputy prosecutor Anita Petra, Pull No Punches Petra, convinced Judge Robert Swisher to revoke bail all together. 

Petra says she’s concerned about the safety of the former girlfriend, who could testify against Graichen when he goes on trial on sex charges. 

Kennewick Police arrested the former Portland police officer in December for allegedly approaching  teenage girls on two separate occasions, offering them money, marijuana, and alcohol if they would participate in, let’s say unconventional sex.

Graichen will return to court after the holiday weekend to argue bail be reinstated–and lowered.


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