Chapman Defense: Drugs Made Him Do It

Kurtis Chapman

Attorneys have tipped their hand in how they plan to defend Kurtis Chapman.

At the tail end of a rather dry, nuts and bolts pre-trial hearing, Matt Rutt told the judge co-counsel Bob Thompson is lining up as a witness an expert on diminished mental capacity.

Rutt indicated Chapman will blame his drug use for killing his former girlfriend.

Pasco police arrested Chapman a year ago last month after officers discovered the strangled body of Shenay Greenough in a crawl space beneath the front porch where Chapman lived. The coroner determined Greenough, 19,  was seven months pregnant. Chapman was not the father.

Case Nearly Dismissed 

The case has been delayed several times over the past year, and all charges nearly thrown out when public defender Rutt claimed police had violated Chapman’s constitutional rights. In the hours after his arrest, the lead detective listened in on a jailhouse telephone conversation between Rutt and Chapman, in which Rutt says they discussed privileged client attorney information. The detective then played a burned CD of the conversation to other officers working on the case. When then prosecutor Steve Lowe  got wind of the eavesdropping, he immediately ordered the CD destroyed.

 The Benton County prosecutor took over the case and the judge has barred the detective and any police officer who heard the CD from testifying at the trial.

Chapman, 23,  is scheduled to go on trial late next month for second degree murder, and manslaughter for the death of Greenough’s unborn child.



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2 responses to “Chapman Defense: Drugs Made Him Do It

  1. both parties

    What he did was wrong, but nobody held her down and forced her to do drugs either. The poor baby never had a chance at life due to both parties involved.

  2. Jude

    No one held Chapman down and forced drugs down his throat. It was his choice to take drugs and IF drugs led him to murder someone how is that defense-able? He chose both actions and he must face the consequence of those actions. Way too much time and money has been spent on this case. We ALL know he killed this young woman and her baby. I, for one, am tired of the lawyers playing the “my turn to curtsy, your turn to bow,” card.

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