Northwest Today Forecast: A Change in the Weather

Journalists, particularly broadcast journalists, eat a lot of going away cake. It seems with every change of the season, someone in the news room moves on to greener pastures. Sometimes they follow their spouse, other times their career, or a hunch. Just like just your workplace, people move on, only perhaps a bit sooner in journalism.

But that’s life. Cut the cake, toast farewell, and clean out the desk for the next guy.

Okay. So now I’ve prepared you.

Blake Jensen, Weather Anchor, aka Weather Unit

I’m losing Blake Jensen, the weather anchor on Northwest Today. Blake joined Northwest Today as a reporter. When Jordan Youngs left last summer for the Tri Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau, Blake moved into the weather position. I thought he’d be around at least a couple of years, but the company station in Spokane is snatching him away.

Good for Blake. Good for the company. For me, it’s a drag.

Of course, we’re all happy for Blake, me grudgingly. I thought he’d be around at least a couple of years (That’s the general time range before many broadcasters start getting antsy, and contracts wind down).

But that’s life.

Although the time has been short, Blake, it has been a blast. Not many people have made me laugh on the air–when you’re not supposed to laugh– but more than once over the past year you have had me in hysterical tears (No one should have so much energy as you, especially at five in the morning).

We blame it on sleep deprivation, but in truth, the Northwest Today crew is a family–and that includes everyone getting up every morning and watching–and we’re having to say goodbye to one of us.

Blake’s last morning on Northwest Today is Thursday. If you’d like to drop him a goodbye note,  you can do so on the KNDU or KNDO Facebook Pages, or Blake’s Facebook Page (the page where you can’t see his assorted Halloween get-ups at WSU and other incriminating photographs).

White cake? Chocolate? Maybe carrot. We haven’t decided.



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3 responses to “Northwest Today Forecast: A Change in the Weather

  1. Anonymous

    When Jordan left the show we missed him and his word of the day. We figured no one would be able to fill his shoes but then along came Blake. We kept hoping he’d do word of the day but after while we didn’t miss Jordan quite so much. Blake hit his own stride and has been a great asset to your team. He will be missed! Wonder who’s next?!

  2. Kathy Beecher

    You guys are such a well-oiled team–will miss Blake also–but Good Luck on the new job!

  3. TJ

    Ahhh I’ll miss Blake. I’ve loved all the mroning weather guys on KNDO/KNDU.

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