Spaceships descend on Washington’s wine country

People in Prosser don’t know it, but they’re about to be invaded by space aliens.  Just in time for Christmas; spring time,  if the publisher pushes back the tentative release date of POD.

Stephen Wallenfels’ debut novel tells the story of  a global invasion through the eyes of two kids, a 12-year-old girl trapped in a parking garage in Los Angeles, and a teenage boy, who even before the invasion, feels imprisoned in his small hometown.

“I wanted the feeling of claustrophobia,” Wallenfels says. “I grew up in a small town (New York State) and I know how that felt, and Prosser is about the same size as the town where I grew up.”

Originally published in 2009 by a small publishing company, POD has been released this summer in Australia and Germany. The Tri-Cities author’s novel will appear in bookstores throughout Europe in the fall, and Penguin Books has tentatively set the American release for December. Wallenfels says a Spanish translation is also in the works. 

 “What’s great to know is that it has universal appeal. The story I wrote isn’t just about people in the United States or in their small towns. It can really appeal to people throughout the world.”

But it’s cool to imagine black spheres of spaceships hovering over the Horse Heaven Hills, vaporizing anyone who dares to steps foot outdoors.

And if Wallenfels sells the movie rights, who knows. Prosser could be invaded again–by Hollywood, looking to shoot on location.

Watch the trailer.

Here’s Wallenfels’ website.

The story aired on KNDU & KNDO.


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