Okay, Let’s say you’re President. What would you do?

President Obama enters the Oval Office

You’ve played this game:  “What would you do if …” and fill in the rest with something like,  “…if you won the lottery?” or “…If you had three wishes.” 

So, what would you do if  you were President of the United States?

Here are the rules.

No general candidate talking points, such as  “I’d get Americans back to work, make government more efficient, and reaffirm our country’s status throughout the world as a beacon of light for peace, freedom, liberty and justice for all.”

Not acceptable. Unlike the candidate, you must have specifics! 

  • How would you create jobs?
  •  Where would you cut?
  •   What would you tax?

Not so easy, is it?

Okay, I’ll go first. Here’s how I’d give the economy a kick in the pants, get people back to work, and make government work.

  • Free public transportation for senior citizens (AARP age). This would increase ridership in all those empty buses driving around in the off-hours. It would get more seniors out of the house and into the community, and because they wouldn’t have to spend money on gas or bus fare, they’d have it for eating out, golf, shopping, having fun (and paying for their prescription meds).
  • Since Congress can’t or won’t raise taxes on business (aka the job creators), I’d give tax breaks to employers who start-up a business  in currently depressed cities with high unemployment. They can’t just move from Seattle to El Paso. It must be a start-up operation, and the employer must hire all local people, from the construction workers to managers, secretaries, and clerks.
  • I’d give tax incentives to employers who add to their existing payroll entry-level positions specifically for recent college graduates. At relatively bargain prices, employers get new, up and coming talent, grads get that experience they so want, and Mom and Dad get the kid out of the house!
  • I’d do the same with military veterans (because under my administration,  a lot would be coming home).
  • No sales tax on musical instruments, sheet music, compact discs, and records. Not just because it would increase sales, music just makes the world go around. We need more music.
  •   I would hold a People’s Congress every August (when the elected representatives are on vacation), in which everyday, open-minded  Americans without political bias or agendas would sit in the House of Representatives and toss around ideas, like those above. And like mine, the ideas wouldn’t have all the bugs worked out, but what they lacked in polished legislation they would shine in their sincerity of wanting to get Americans back to work, make government more efficient, and reaffirm this country’s place in the world as a beacon of light for peace, freedom, liberty and justice for all.

Now it’s your turn. What would you do if you were President?



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2 responses to “Okay, Let’s say you’re President. What would you do?

  1. Harry's fill-in

    If Harry Bounds was president, we wouldn’t have these problems. We liked Harry…

  2. Anonymous

    If I were POTUS (assuming I had the authority), I would:
    A.) make like FDR and begin massive national infrastructure investments – update city sewage systems, protecting water sources, renewing interstate highway systems and aging bridges, create new mass-transit systems (including REAL high-speed rail, not that joke that they call high-speed known as the Acela Express), etc., and offer tax incentives to the companies who are awarded these contracts who actually HIRE local labor and sub-contract to local businesses.

    B.) Provide tuition perks to college-age kids who put their college plans on hold for one or two years to work in unskilled or on-the-job training associated with these projects, and who then major in engineering, city planning, and associated fields

    C.) Make like they do in Germany and provide free medical school for aspiring (and qualifying) doctors, with the proviso that post-college, they spend a certain number of years as GPs in small and/or isolated communities within the U.S., where access to healthcare is limited at best.

    D.) Offer incentives such as tax breaks to general practitioner MDs who open independent rural practices and stick with them for at least five years.

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