Advice for the job creators: Do what George Costanza did.

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A new survey shows businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest have a case of the blues. The consulting firm that polled the businesses has this recommendation.

Get over it.

Impact Washington says its statewide survey finds the majority of businesses are generally in a pessimistic mood and are holding back on expanding until things turn around.

The consulting firm says businesses should be doing just the opposite. Just like George Costanza did on Seinfeld.

“You need to be out in front, be an innovator,” says Linda Adams, marketing manager for the firm.

“Nobody ever asked for an iPod, but once you gave it to them people couldn’t stop buying it,” says Adams. “What we’re trying to do is encourage manufacturing to be the people who think of the next thing people don’t know they want yet.”

Get out.

(The consulting firm is a non-profit group funded by the Department of Commerce and its clients. It is sponsoring the Smartmap Expo, an annual conference in the Tri Cities giving manufacturing companies across the Pacific Northwest to Network and learn business strategies in the changing global market.)


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