Former cop and victims avoid an embarrassing trial

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Ryan Graichen blamed “an addiction” when he apologized to Kennewick Police detectives at the conclusion of Monday morning’s hearing in which he pleaded guilty to seven felony sex offenses.

“I’m sorry. I was one of you guys for nearly nine years,” Graichen said, crying.

Graichen changed his plea just hours before attorneys were to begin picking  jurors for his trial.

Police arrested the former Portland, Oregon police officer last year after three teenagers identified him as the man who approached them in Columbia Park and offered them money, alcohol, and marijuana if they would go back to his place and be filmed while he masturbated.

Deputy prosecutor Anita Petra says she’s confident a jury would have convicted Graichen, but says she’s glad the victims won’t have to testify before a jury, and the media.

“One girl had agreed to sexual contact with Mr. Graichen, and this would have been embarrassing for her,” Petra said.

Last week after Graichen turned down a plea offer, the deputy prosecutor added two additional felony counts.

Over the weekend, Graichen had a change of heart and accepted the prosecutor’s offer.

Petra is asking for the maximum ten-year prison term when judge Vic Vanderschoor sentences Graichen next month. She says Graichen has accepted the length of time.  

Graichen, 35, will also have to register as a sex offender.

Because Graichen waited so long to accept the plea deal,  Petra says she’ll also ask Graichen pay the costs of summoning 60 prospective jurors to the justice center.

While out on bail, police arrested Graichen in April for allegedly stalking a former girlfriend on Facebook (He’s been in jail since). He had been scheduled to go on trial next month on the stalking charge. In the plea agreement, the deputy prosecutor dropped the charge.

Graichen worked for Portland Police from 1998 to 2007. He left during an investigation into allegations that he videotaped girls at a dance at the high school where he worked as the school’s resource officer. He allegedly zoomed in on the girls’ breasts and other private parts. He was never charged with a crime.


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  1. I’m thinking this turkey deserves a lot more than 10 years! He does get a couple of points for pleading and not forcing those kids to go through a trial. Unfortunately, from all I’ve read on these guys, their rate of recidivism is something like 98%–IF they get counseling. I hope the Judge throws the book at him.

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