I’m awake. I’m up. I’m back. I hope someone brings doughnuts.

Back from a week vacation, I see not much has changed:

  • Eastern Washington and Oregon remain under air stagnation status.
  • Congress, ahem,  has yet to act on extending the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits (Speaking of stagnation…).
  • I still have way too much turkey in the freezer (turkey chili, turkey and dumplings, and yeah, Turkey Pizza made the vacation menus).

For the most part last week,  I successfully got away from it all, though not entirely. You can’t fully appreciate the sardonic humor of the Daily Show unless you first watch one or two network newscasts.

Harry Morgan

Sad to hear about Harry Morgan dying. He first became a household name on Dragnet, but we’ll forever remember him as Colonel Sherman T. Potter on M*A*S*H.  A stupendous performance. When Sherman said goodbye and rode off on Sofie on the final episode, I bawled (“Clinger (dressed as Carmen Miranda),  I think that outfit might just get you that Section Eight.” Classic).

Speaking of Potters, Netflix has started sending out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. It’s in my queue for the weekend.

Oh. No offense, guys, but I didn’t watch the morning newscast during the vacation. I slept in. It was sweet!



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4 responses to “I’m awake. I’m up. I’m back. I hope someone brings doughnuts.

  1. Teri McCann

    Glad you’re back, missed your humor!!!!!

  2. Love your photo of the hoar frost! Absitively posolutely gorgerous!

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