The Salt Trucks Cometh

Mid morning, I spotted the trail on a rural road. Like bread crumbs, I tracked the salt pellets up a steep hill, over its crest and there, making its way through a residential neighborhood, a big yellow dump truck with flashing lights flinging salt from its backside like there was no tomorrow. Seeing I was driving a marked news car, the two guys inside the truck’s cab let me pass and get ahead of them long enough to pull my camera from the trunk and get some pictures.

Yeah, they told they were making the rounds on all the access roads in the county prepping for snow or freezing rain, which they say could come tonight or early tomorrow.


Probably not.  Then again, we’ve been fooled before. I’ve got the snow shovel on the porch, just in case.

I’m kind of looking forward to something other than the grey purgatory the last couple of weeks.

As you’ll notice, it’s already snowing here, on the blog.



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2 responses to “The Salt Trucks Cometh

  1. BringBackHarry

    The only snow forecast I ever trusted was Harry Bounds’ replacement, what ever his name was. We’ll see if yours comes true.

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