All’s fair, in love and on the campaign trail.

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I’ve been reading a memoir of the 1992 presidential campaign, collaborated by politics’ odd couple Mary Matalin and James Carville. Back then, they put their budding romance on hold while they ran their respective campaigns, she running the sitting incumbant’s campaign, he the challenger’s.

 I see a lot of striking similarities between that race and the one we’re currently watching.  There’s flip-flopping; the Clinton Camp and the media dogged Bush about reneging on his promise, “Read my lips no new taxes.” There’s scandal; Clinton dealt with stories about womanizing and avoiding the draft. There’s no shortage of attack ads, some factual some not so. There’s spinning the media and accusations of a biased media.

I haven’t finished it yet, (SPOILER ALERT: Carville’s guy wins), but  I got to thinking about whether I’d be squeeky clean enough to run.

Think about it. If you were running for President, could you handle the scrutiny of the pencil press, the electronic media, and the voters?

A few questions to ask yourself before filing the papers:

  • How’s your love life? Not just now, but everything in your past. Hmm.
  • Ever been arrested? What about your driving record? Speeding tickets? Texting while driving? (Remember the pix of  Maria Shriver behind the wheel with a cell phone to her ear?) 
  • Ever been fired? (I’m out)
  • What do colleagues say about you?
  • What do former co-workers say about you? (I’m definitely out)
  • Ever cheat, or let’s say, fudged on your taxes?
  • Could any of those Facebook photographs come back and haunt you?

Now, how about everyone else in your family? Could anybody there be a potential problem?

Running for public office, think before you run.

Check it out. All’s Fair, Love, War and Running for President.


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