Leader of the Pack

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If you think about it, werewolves, vampires, and other paranormal would fit in.

“For some reason we think the Tri-Cities is this homogenous, white Anglo-saxon protestant community, but you walk into the mall and you hear five or six different languages, you see people are every color of the rainbow.”

Patricia Briggs throws back her head and laughs.  “If there’s ever going to be a place where people could ignore the fact some of their neighbors are vampires, werewolves or fey, it would be the Tri-Cities.”

When Briggs introduced her pack of paranormal to the Tri-Cities in the 1990s, she quickly found a following among local urban fantasy readers, and with the commercial success of the Mercy Thompson novels, Briggs has achieved alpha-wolf status among the Pacific Northwest writers community.

In FAIR GAME, the third in the Alpha & Omega spin-off series, Briggs sends two of her pack to Boston, where the young werewolf couple help the FBI search for a serial killer who is hunting werewolves. “They go to consult, and being werewolves they go to hunt, too.”

Briggs leans back and laughs again. “Werewolves, witches, and fey. “What could be better?”

The first two novels in the series, CRY WOLF and HUNTING GROUND  became New York Times bestsellers. Ace has published FAIR GAME in hardcover, which means the publisher expects to move some books.

Briggs will sign copies starting at seven this evening at Hastings in Richland. The book store says it’s ready for what could be a long night. Several hundred people showed up for Briggs’ last book signing party in the Tri-Cities.

Briggs will hopscotch the country for the next two weeks, and then return to the Tri-Cities to finish the next Mercy Thompson novel, due out next year.  

Click here to see the TV news version.

Click here to visit Patricia Briggs’ website.


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