The web of our life is of a mingled yarn

NBC Right Now Local News Today/photo by Scott Butner

If you’re like me, you no longer wait until 5 to get the news. You hop on line. Your phone Droids you. You’re tweeted. There’s the whole Facebook thing. There’s, ahem, blogs, of course. We’ve been talking for years about the future of news gathering and consumption. Well, the future, as predicted, is here.

For the past month or so, the morning crew (NBC Right Now Local News Today 4:30-7 a.m. Monday through Friday) has taken on the additional project of boosting the news content on the station’s website. After we get off the set in the morning, we start posting stories: local, national, stories from throughout the Pacific Northwest–anything we think you’ll find informative, sometimes amusing, sometimes aggravating, perhaps enlightening.

For me, first and foremost a writer, I dove into this assignment like a labrador spotting a duck floating in an irrigation canal.  The assignment also entails coming up with headlines. Some of mine Claire Graham says make her laugh out loud, and she says she can’t help but read the story.

She’s on to me. That’s the purpose of a headline. To get your interest, draw you in.

Here’s a few recent examples you may have come across.

Parade organizers sink wheat growers float

Deputy has bone to pick–with police dog

It’s BYOB, bring your own baby!

Starbucks customers bugged about dye

Pot charges go up in smoke

And maybe my personal favorite

Student avoids tests, but not jail

(You should have read the thread on the station’s Facebook Page)

Since we started, I’m glad to report, the story count on the website has increased by hundreds, and you’re getting information faster. If you’re a Facebook friend, you’ve seen the difference in the added stories we share.

So keep an eye out on the web for my bi-line–and the headlines.

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