Fewer blog posts this summer…47 percent fewer.

I didn’t post regularly this summer.  Not that there wasn’t plenty to talk about. Not in an election year, not when you’re a political junkie like me. But as a news anchor, it’s imperative to remain neutral. And with an electorate so divided, any comment appearing to slant one way or another, stands to alienate a good chunk of viewers, probably about 47 percent.

Yeah. That 47 percent.

Oh, but I’ve been tempted. Attack ads, political conventions with empty promises and empty chairs… those spin doctors with their talking points!

For me, a political junkie, I couldn’t get enough this summer. And my favorite TV show this fall? The debates.      

But my rule is probably quite similar to yours when you go to the in-laws for Thanksgiving Dinner.

 Don’t talk politics.

Don’t talk religion.

Don’t talk Seattle sports teams.

Take the bait when Dad-in-law harps about you-know-who saying that about you-know-what, well, you’re just asking for trouble (Ultimately, Mom-in-law leans over the cranberry sauce and reminds your spouse how they could have married so-and-so from high school). 

Take away politics, social issues,  and the Mariners’ season, there just wasn’t much left to talk about this summer.

But autumn is here. The election will soon be behind us. We’ll know if your guy or my guy won, and then we can get on with it and blog about other matters.

And as for the Seahawks’ chances this year?

Well, I really couldn’t say…


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One response to “Fewer blog posts this summer…47 percent fewer.

  1. Love your blog! I’m voting for Tyrion Lannister – like most politicians (all politicians?) he’s a fiction, and only exists in the fictional world of Game of Thrones. At least that’s what I tell people when they ask me;-)

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