Give thanks, and a scratch behind the ear.

I often joke that Sundance took her name to heart, emulating the infamous outlaw. As a puppy, she was the rascal in the litter instigating the wrestling matches.  All grown up and running the ranch, she would proudly drop at my feet golf balls from my neighbor’s putting green—when we moved I left behind a bucket of what must have been 300 balls with the incriminating indentations of Sundance, the Outlaw Golden Retriever.

Over the years, Sundance and I settled into life together like an old married couple: the daily walks along the irrigation canal, two Milk bones for desert—both for her. On a hot summer afternoon, Sundance was content to sit in the shade of the peach tree while I worked in the garden. In the winter, she’d snooze at my feet while I typed away in “our” office.

So trusting, on cleaning day she would lie on the floor, knowing I’d sweep or vacuum around her. And yesterday, before I had to drive her to the veterinarian, Sundance insisted on taking her walk, though I knew she wouldn’t make it, and I knew I’d have to carry her home.

When you give thanks this holiday, I hope you’ll include your pet. They ask so little and reward you with things that no Black Friday deal can match.

Sundance, I miss you. Save me a spot.

Sundance at 14



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11 responses to “Give thanks, and a scratch behind the ear.

  1. nwtraveler

    On another topic, Kevin – do you have any information on the sentencing hearing for Dennis Huston? Haven’t seen anything in the paper since his guilty plea 8 weeks ago.

  2. nwtraveler

    Kevin, I feel your loss. I also lost my life companion of 14 years, Sadie, a miniature sheltie. She was such a part of my life.

  3. Lisa Richmond

    So sorry for your loss. As I always remind friends who have lost a beloved dog (including myself), the pain we feel when they leave us is the price that we agree to pay when we take them into our lives and our hearts. But it’s a price well worth paying.

  4. Teri McCann

    I’m so sorry about Sundance. I didn’t know. Are you okay? I lost my old boy in September. It’s hard, how’s sawyer? Hope all is well, you know where to come if Sawyer needs a friend!

    • Thanks, Teri. It’s always hard to lose a friend who has been a part of your life for 14 years, but ‘Dance had a good life, and she lived like a queen! Sawyer is adjusting, though he misses pulling his bud’s tail and packing with her in front of the fireplace.

  5. Judi Nelson

    I remember your concern and compassion for animals from way back in your newscast days. I am grateful you had Sundance and grateful she had you. No finer friends than our pets. Loyal, forgiving and unconditional in their love. I am deeply sorry for your loss. RIP Sundance. ♥

  6. Becki Saunders

    I see you daily walking with your best friends, so sorry for your loss.

  7. Thanks. You can’t go wrong with a Golden.

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful dog and sounds like a great companion.

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