Just when you think you have your life in order… you make plans…

knduers 019Nothing like open heart surgery to remind us how precarious life is.melanie

Browsing Facebook this week I see a picture of my former co-anchor Melanie Falcon sitting up in a hospital room bed, informing everyone that her doctors are impressed how quickly she is recovering from open heart surgery.

Say what?

If you’ve ever met Melanie, or you watched her on the morning show, you know she comes equipped with super-charged, tireless energy. Look at her. She is as healthy as healthy gets.

Melanie is 26.

Everyone is relieved to hear Melanie is doing fine, and she says she plans to be back at work in a couple of weeks, but scare us to death, girl.

The station in Pennsylvania where Melanie now works has posted updates on her progress so I don’t feel like I’m invading her privacy by sharing this with you (besides, Mel’s a journalist–she knows the rest of us weren’t about to keep this quiet).

Friends and colleagues around the country have been sending her messages all week, and if you’d like to drop Melanie a line on her professional Facebook page, click here.  I’m sure it would warm her recovering heart.



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3 responses to “Just when you think you have your life in order… you make plans…

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  2. Shelley Todd

    Wow! Surprised is an understatement. Please give our best to Miss Melanie…

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