Monday is a school day

schoolhouse1Understandably, many parents are apprehensive about sending their children to school tomorrow, not just another Monday, but the Monday after.

The anxiety moms and dads must be feeling; especially you parents of kindergarten and first graders. You’re still adjusting to not having your kids in your sight every minute of the day.

But rest assured. Schools are safe places. We have 99 thousand public schools in our country, and day in and day out, nothing out the ordinary happens. Your kids are among 35 million grade school kids and another 15 million attending high school, and outside of the occasional accidental passing of gas that unleashes a fury of hilarity, the vast majority of school days are relatively uneventful.

No doubt, as a country, we have work facing us. I’ll post more about that later this week. But for tomorrow, relax. You will scoot your children out the door. They will go to school and they will come home, tracking mud on your kitchen floor, and somehow looking taller than when they left in the morning.

And when you ask them “What happened at school today?” They’ll shrug and say “Nothing.”


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