“Unlikely” prosecutor will seek death penalty

frame kennewick shooting I was the first reporter in the neighborhood; right behind Kennewick police and the ambulance.

Police didn’t need the ambulance. They needed the coroner.


frame scantlingPolice arrested Grant Scantling, 41.  Detectives say Scantling shot Franklin Palmer, 24.  Palmer lived in the duplex with Ann Krebs, who had been Scantling’s fiancé up until late last year. Scantling is the father of two of Krebs’ three young children. It’s unclear whether the children saw the shooting.

Scantling is charged with first degree aggravated murder and burglary. Under state law,  Benton County prosecutor Andy Miller must indicate within 30 days whether he’ll seek the death penalty.  Miller says based on prior Washington State Supreme Court rulings it’s “unlikely” Scantling meets the criteria for the death penalty. 

For now, Superior Court Judge Robert  Swisher says the two local attorneys will remain as defense counsel, but Swisher has also ordered a search for a death penalty-qualified attorney in the event Miller discovers additional information before the 30 day period that changes his mind.

Until attorneys start sharing evidence, you and I won’t find out what went on inside the duplex and what led to the shooting. For now, we do what humans invariably do, and that’s read between the lines. Just don’t believe everything you read between those lines.  Not yet.  I’ve been to many crime scenes, and a lot changes by the time a jury hears the evidence. What you see between those lines may be spot-on. Maybe you’ll be correct on half of it. Maybe the story will zig when you thought it would zag.

The only certain truth is that this is a sad thing to happen. No one wins in a murder trial.


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