A Day in the Life

Despite the Android vibrating at my bedside at 2:44 a.m. Monday through Friday, I like my job. Something different every day this week.

  • I’m covering the murder trial. Yeah. That one. The prosecutor has put 30 people on the stand in the last two weeks, entered about 100 pieces of evidence, and should rest Tuesday morning.
    Tashia Stuart

    Tashia Stuart

    Then it’s the defense team’s turn. Word is one key witness plans to take the Fifth. The accused will testify. Stay tuned.

  • Stood in the cold and rain to watch the start of the Air Race Classic, 100 women in 50  planes flying from Pasco to Fayetteville, Arkansas.
    The Racing Rosies

    The Racing Rosies

    Met Zia and Emily, two dolls dressed up in Rosie the Riveter overalls, red bows in their hair, and who brightened the overcast sky with their enthusiasm and excitement. I would have jumped in the back seat of their Cessna if it weren’t for the weight restrictions of the race.

  • Jammed together with the network and Seattle affiliates in a hallway at the Red Lion waiting to get 10 minutes with new Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, visiting Hanford for the first time since his confirmation. Like other members of the cabinet, he used the words “transparency” and “accountability”  a lot.
  • moniz1

    Ernest Moniz

  • And a literary agent wants to see the first three chapters of my novel. That’s encouraging.

Now if I can just get the tomato plants in the garden to kick in.


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