A veteran at 18

frame kelleyThe soldier who spoke at the Veteran’s Day assembly at Pasco High School had an immediate bond with the students.

Kane Kelley graduated from Pasco High only last year and right after enlisted in the army.

What a difference a year makes.

“It’s changed who I am as a person,” Kelley says.  “It gives you perspective and a whole different outlook for the little things back here at home.”

Not a typical teenager anyway, Kelley was already serving in the National Guard during his senior year. (His parents had given him permission to enlist.)  He comes from a long line of veterans, with about 45 relatives who have served in one of the branches of the armed forces. The Pasco graduate is training to become a helicopter pilot and plans to attend college following his military service.

Standing there at the podium, wearing his army-issued fatigues, Private First Class Kelley looked or acted nothing  like a teenager. He had that composed and humble manner that comes not necessarily with age, but with life experience.

“God Bless America,” Private Kelley told the audience, “and go Bulldogs.”


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