Here’s what I’m up to.

sunrise 2014 017I have been working on a novel, a work in progress for several years now. The cliché pertains; it has been a labor of love: staying up late, waking up early on weekends, creating characters, pushing them to precipices and then figuring out how to rescue them. Hours passed editing, revising, checking grammar and revising some more, and at the end of the day I didn’t feel exhausted, but exhilarated, eager for morning to do it all over again.

I realized my focus had changed and a long chapter in my own life story was coming to its conclusion. With the manuscript now in the hands of a publisher, and a second novel well into its second revision, it’s time to turn the page. I leave broadcast news not to retire, but to write.  I’m not going to disappear. No longer bound to neutrality as a journalist, I look forward to becoming more active in the community.

And yes, after six years of the alarm going off at 2:44 a.m. it is wonderful to sleep in until sunrise, then walk downstairs to my home office and write.

Stay tuned.



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25 responses to “Here’s what I’m up to.

  1. nanci

    Congrats on this new adventure. My husband and I miss you in the morning. Its just not the same. Do you have a book already in print? Would love to read it. Will be looking for salad days when your finished. Nanci & Tom

    • Hi Nanci and Tom. I would have replied sooner but I’m thick into the editing phase of SALAD DAYS. (This is where you second guess everything!) The first novel,THE FLIGHT OF THE SWALLOWS, is in a publisher’s hangar, waiting for clearance. Hope to get one of these projects off the ground in 2015!
      And thanks for missing me in the mornings,(though I don’t miss the 2 a.m. wake up call.)

  2. Kim Miracle

    I wondered where you went… Good for you in your “new life” and best wishes.

  3. Chris Bolten

    Good for you Kevin! I enjoy following your posts. best of luck to you.

  4. Anonymous

    Best wishes in your newest endeavor! I hope you will keep your interest in the major embezzlement in a Franklin county to ensure the crooks don’t skip thru the cracks– it’s been out go the public eye way too long…

  5. Becki

    Very sad you are not greeting me in the mornings any longer. I do however still see you walking the dogs. Glad you are happy in your decision but I’m changing the channel in the mornings 😉

  6. Kathie Pishny

    Time for you to have a margarita in Old Town, my friend.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve read the comments and I understand your writing now. That’s great but this house gets up at 4 am and we will miss you. Just wanted you to know. Good luck Katie Lee

  8. Anonymous

    Didn’t mean to show as “anonymous”. I must have missed something.

  9. Anonymous

    I was wondering and hoping that you were just on vacation and would return. Kevin, you have a perfect voice for broadcasting and I will truly miss you on the morning news; however, I know you have to follow your heart and I wish you well!

  10. Barb Gamache

    Congratulations on pursuing your passion!!! You will be missed!! I had been wondering since that last Friday you were on air. I even called the station to ask where you were. We knew where Mike went, but not you. Best wishes and I’m looking forward to following your journey!!!

  11. Teri

    I have not been watching TV much, been doing dogs! Did you announce this and I missed it??? Now you can come to POPP and volunteer with us!!! Have fun!

    • TV people don’t get to say goodbye. We just vanish into this air.
      I’m up for some POPP work, except for the fostering part–I’d get too attached! Keep me up to date.

      • Teri

        I will Kevin, I will miss you in the mornings! So, what kind of novel did you write??? There are so many other things you could do do with POPP and you are already in this family and much like Hotel California…you can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave!!! 😉

      • Anonymous

        No! Such mixed emotions. Happy that you are following your heart because that is important but most definitely will miss seeing you in the mornings.

      • I appreciate your thoughts. Leaving viewers–and Claire–was the hard part. Disarming the alarm clock, not so hard.

      • Anonymous

        Wow Kev good for you. You sound happy about your next adventure. Thats what lifes about. Is the first book published? If so what is the title and are you writing under a different name? Cheers my friend!

      • Thanks for the toast! Cheers right back at you. So far, I’m sticking to the name I can remember,and spell. I’ll keep you up to date as things proceed.

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