Dogging it in August

Getting my dogs in a row...

Getting my dogs in a row…



Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on Facebook and here on the blog; you racked up a thousand or so hits—not quite as many as the Melanie Falcon post, but Mel had to undergo open heart surgery to achieve her numbers. I just disarmed the alarm clock and turned over and went back to sleep.

A progress report.  Novel two is moving right along. At this rate, SALAD DAYS (it’s not a cookbook) should be complete by the end of the year— or early next year if the Seahawks make the playoffs and require me to spend Sunday afternoons at my position in front of the TV. (It should work out. I write early in the morning.)




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5 responses to “Dogging it in August

  1. Gena

    Hi Kevin! I found you thanks to your blog. I’ve spent every morning with you and Claire until this summer when my job was eliminated after 21 yrs. A couple of months ago I was up early enough to catch your wake up morning show, only to find out Meredith took your place with Claire. I miss seeing you, but glad to hear you are doing well. This morning I turned on the wake up morning show and now Claire isn’t there either. ….what happened to her. What’s going on with the wake up northwest show?

    • First off, Gena, congratulations on working the same job for 21 years. That’s rare in TV news, as both Claire and I demonstrated this past summer. After six years of pulling the morning shift, I decided to sleep in and finish writing a novel or three. Claire and Promo have moved on to a bigger broadcast market (Check her out on her Facebook page. She’d love to her from you), but she’s still involved with the local POPP organization.
      So we’re both still around, and I suspect you’ll be seeing us in near future.
      Thanks for watching us all these years. We couldn’t have done it without you.

  2. DONNA B

    kevin I have goldens as well.. two of them and for 14 years I also had a large black hairy dog. I saw your photos and thought for a second I had somehow downloaded some of my own photos!!! brings back a huge wave of memories. I miss my black girl. everyone should have a black dog who trips them in the kitchen because they look like a shadow.

  3. Becki Saunders

    Glad you are enjoying yourself. We still miss you in the mornings.

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