Attribution: Willi Heidelbach

Attribution: Willi Heidelbach

I’m done.

From a weekend past time to every day all the time, I’ve finished the novel. The members of my critique group still need to go through the manuscript and find what’s missing, what’s wrong, and what stinks. Then I’ll go back to work and hopefully fix it.  Barring any unexpected burps or writer’s block, I’m on schedule to be finished finished by the end of the year.

Now comes the hard part, finding a publisher.

In TV news you can be passed over for a job because they don’t like the color or style of your hair, or your squeaky voice, or you blink too much. It’s wholly subjective. Ask any woman anchor. What’s her viewer mail mostly about? Her hair, her wardrobe, and the necklace she seems to wear every day.

Similar subjectivity prevails in the publishing world. One literary agent will say she likes your characters but the story failed to hold her attention. An editor will say he likes the plot but couldn’t identify with the characters. Another rejection letter will simply say, “It didn’t grab me.”

In comparison, the publishing world makes TV news look almost logical.

So what’s the novel about? A lot of people have asked me.  Stay tuned.



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6 responses to “Finished.

  1. Anonymous

    Congrats Kev 🙂 “the necklace she seems to wear every day.”…. nailed it.

  2. Linda Colmenero

    Congratulations, Kevin! I hope your book is published soon and it turns out to be a huge hit! I’d love to have the opportunity to say, “Sorry, I can’t go to your cat’s wedding, it’s my dog’s birthday. We’re celebrating by going to Kevin’s book signing!! Sure miss your smiling face in the morning!

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