To shop or not to shop on Thanksgiving

Gray Thursday last year in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Gray Thursday last year in Hillsboro, Oregon.

I’m torn on whether the malls and big retailers should demand their employees work on Thanksgiving.  It’s Thanksgiving, after all.  Can’t we wait one day before we commence with five weeks of commercializing the crap out of the holidays?

However, over the river and through to woods to Grandma’s house on Thursday morning, it’s nice to stop along the way at McDonald’s or Starbucks, or to top-off the tank.

Forgot the rolls? Thank goodness the supermarket is open until six.

After the feast, a lot of families take in a movie. Someone has to butter the popcorn and sweep the aisles.

Someone has to suit up if we’re going to watch the big game.

Bartenders, cops and firefighters, the doctors and nurses on duty in the emergency rooms, the selfless volunteers who serve holiday meals for the hungry; they work holidays.

Anybody know anyone serving in the military?

And journalists, I can’t forget about them.  While their surfeited bosses sit at home or sun themselves on a beach somewhere, journalists unable to fly home for a brief weekend settle for a cup of Top Ramon at their desks.

With some professions, working the holidays just comes with the territory.

Like the Pope. He always works Christmas and Easter.



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2 responses to “To shop or not to shop on Thanksgiving

  1. Here’s to ho ho holiday pay!

  2. donna

    well said! When we were kids (a long time ago) my sisters and I would go bowling with our cousins after Tday dinner. My first job was as a telephone operator.. I was a single mom and not only did I have to work T day it was a SPLIT shift! I vote for folks working in non essential jobs Tday as long as there’s some kind of appropriate compensation.

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