My thoughts on Christine Brown

cbSomeone came up to me yesterday and said, “That’s something about your former anchor, Christine, getting laid off.”

No. You must have heard it wrong, I said.  She probably retired. Packing her bags for Mazatlan, maybe, but  not sent packing. Not Christine. She is the TV station.

“No. Read it in the paper.”

I got online. Sure enough. There it is. Brown laid off in station restructuring.

Twenty-eight years at one station. That’s rare in any profession. Virtually unheard of in broadcasting. Then laid off. I can almost hear the conversation in the conference room.

“…We’re undergoing restructuring that affects you…We will need you to sign these forms…your keys, company credit card… Happy New Year…” 

Christine’s last day was December 31.

I’m sure Christine is doing fine. I imagine her Facebook is jammed with good wishes from the gazillions of journalists whom she, well, I won’t say nurtured, she whipped into shape after she hired them. A no-nonsense news director.  Her newsroom was a boot camp. Ask some of my former co-workers: Faith Martin, Jordan Youngs (Both still in the Tri-Cities and doing marvelous), Claire Graham and Blake Jensen,now in Spokane, Melanie, who now anchors in Pennsylvania, Adam, who went on to Boston, now in Atlanta, Bryant in Philly, Lisa in LA; the list goes on and on and on.

But Christine taught her people not only discipline, but compassion. Christine is responsible for the success of the Coats For Kids campaign, which has provided winter clothing for tens of thousands of kids over the years, the annual Family Food Drive that just got nuts with the truckloads of corporate and individual donations that came in during the rain or shine, snow or ice, freezing or sub-freezing on the air telethon. A crazy, wonderful experience. Christine also championed my personal favorite project of the year, the annual Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast, honoring ordinary people in the community for their extraordinary deeds.

I’m worried these projects won’t get the same priority post-restructuring.

Christine, if you aren’t there already, go to the beach. Have a big margarita for me. One of those the size of a bird bath.  Sit back and enjoy. And don’t forget to wear a hat and sunscreen.




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6 responses to “My thoughts on Christine Brown

  1. Steven Guthrie

    Bottom line…. she was a dictator! She ruled by fear and discipline. I don’t know if this woman had a heart or not but she certainly didn’t nurture anything or anyone.

  2. Kathye Kilgore

    Christine was “my light in the tunnel”. During my tenure as Director for Second Harvest, it was Christine who cheered and supported the food drive efforts. Christine “got it” – she knew that we could all hit a rough patch in our lives and knew that we needed to support our community. She was my sounding board, she listened to my ideas and together we, with the amazing staff at KNDU, made miracles happen. Her leadership and commitment made the reporters do their jobs with compassion and excellence. I am blessed to be able to call her my friend, the community was fortunate to have Christine’s passion. It breaks my heart that KNDU did not recognize that they had the best. Christine set the bar really high and those associated with her always worked to achieve that level – we are better because of her. Thank you Christine Brown for simply being you – the very best!

  3. Dolores Clark

    Christine Brown not only did the news but an active member in supporting the Tri-Cities. Certainly an unbelievable news to hear!

  4. Anonymous

    Our favorites were Kevin Shaub, Christine Brown and Tim Adams. The three reasons why we watch KNDU. Now, we only have Tim to look forward to his upbeat happy smile. Viewers get use to the familiar faces. If they keep changing—we will too—-to KEPR.

  5. Anonymous

    Christine was the face of the news. I was happy for her managerial promotion, but felt her absence daily. Wish you all the best, Christine, their loss is the world’s gain. I know you will continue to make a difference anywhere you locate.

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