What do we do? For the first weekend since September we have to go without football cold turkey. And no, the Pro Bowl doesn’t count.

1893_Auburn_Tigers_football_teamBut here’s an idea. Sit down in front of the TV like you normally would on game day, grab a snack if you want, but instead of reaching for the remote, reach for a book instead.

Don’t touch that computer mouse.  Hear me out.

Here are a few suggestions that will literally give you your football fix until next weekend when the Seahawks take the air out of the Patriots.

These titles are available at Mid-Columbia Libraries branches including the downloadable catalogue.

PLAYING FOR PIZZA, by John Grisham. A fictitious Cleveland Browns QB, after a disastrous and embarrassing loss, goes to Italy to play for the quasi-pro Parma Panthers.  An entertaining, short novel about a man who redefines his perspective on what the game is all about. playing for pizza

calico joeCALICO JOE, also by John Grisham. Although not about football, any fan of baseball folklore will soak up this story inspired by the real life story of Ray Chapman, the only professional baseball player killed by a pitch. Given some of the “cheating” stories going around, this bean ball scandal scores a home run.

Don’t have time to read a full-length novel? Pick up Stephen King’s novella BLOCKADE BILLY. Characteristically creepy, it puts a literal spin on the adage, “Kill the ump.”blockade billy

If you have any suggestions, pass them along, but whether it’s football, baseball, horror, romance, or science fiction, consider spending some time this weekend sitting in front of a blank TV screen. Those ads for weight loss, nicotine patches, and cold and flu medicines will be around for another few weeks.

And go Seahawks.


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