Harbingers of spring

Western_Meadowlark_singingOne thing to be said for Daylight Saving. It’s a sign of spring.

Daffodils and forsythia turn neighborhoods into gold.

You leave the parka behind in favor of a light jacket.

Leaf blowers.

And you lose an hour of sleep on Saturday night…or sleep-in Sunday morning. Until dawn breaks. As I write this, the sun has yet to break the horizon, but it looks like it’s going to be a sunny pre-spring day. Close to 70 degrees. A great day to prune the roses.

My personal favorite harbinger of spring is the song of the meadowlark. When I hear its call carry across the sagebrush and pastures, spring is here. (The Spring Equinox is Friday, March 20)

When do you say, “Yep. It’s spring.”



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2 responses to “Harbingers of spring

  1. Kris

    Yep, spring has sprung when the meadowlarks start larking. And out here in the boonies of east Kennewick, they’ve been yelling at the top of their birdie lungs for a couple weeks now.

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