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You may not know me from Adam, but he’s a friend of a friend of a friend of mine who who works with a friend of your mom.

me shots 2012 008When I set up my Facebook Page about six years ago, like you, I skimmed through the features and the rules.  “Yeah, okay, I agree,” and boom, Bob’s your uncle. I’m a multi-platform, social media-ist.

Then life resumed, I set the alarm for 2-are-you-kidding me-45 in the morning, and didn’t pay all that much attention to my Facebook pages, either the professional or the private one. I checked in on the weekends, sometimes, occasionally, okay, practically never..

Fast forward to recently, when I discover a feature you probably know quite well already. It’s the one in which people can request to be your friend.

Yes. Dork alert. For years, as a result of being a poor custodian of my Facebook pages, I’ve been unintentionally ignoring/snubbing hundreds, count ’em, hundreds of people.

In an effort to catch up, I’m ruffling through all the names like it’s the list of families to whom you send Christmas cards. Do I know this person?

Because the Seahawks game is about to start, I conclude, heck, with whom would I not want to be friends?

So I just confirmed everybody. Boom. Time for kickoff and I’m now friends with everybody, Including Bob’s uncle, who doesn’t know me from Adam.

Of course you know, and now I do, that the Facebook gang sends messages, suggesting you become friends with your friends’ friends.  And your friends’ friends’ friends. In other words, perfect strangers.

So as of this weekend, I am now FB pals with several local, as well as foreign retailers, holders of political office and the people they defeated in their elections, and at least one dead celebrity, who has yet to reply to my confirmation.

And if you initially saw this post on your FB page and you’re saying to yourself, how the heck did he get onto my page, now you know.

And while I won’t necessarily be offended if you unfriend me because you don’t know me, Adam,or Bob, Heck, we’re practically neighbors at this point. Sign-up for these semi-regular blog posts. I keep them short, no radical politics, and try to be entertaining. Just ask one of my 800 new friends!

Go Seahawks.



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A summer tradition worth starting

I caught this on CNN’s website and want to pass it along to every guy and girl–preferably in high school, but college works, too.

So there are these five guys, teenagers, who go on a road trip, a weekend at one of the guy’s parent’s mountain cabin. It’s 1982. Hot, not a cloud in the sky, John Cougar singing a little ditty about Jack & Diane drifts across the lake to the boat dock, where the guys decide to pose for a group shot.

Five years later, they returned to the lake, set up the camera on self-timer and pose again.

Now, it’s 15 years later, hair starting to thin and gray, and as they admit, their shirts stay on now, as they mug for the camera.

Now, it’s the summer of 2012, 30 years on, and the guys have returned to the lake for what became a tradition, a picture of five friends who’ve kept in touch after all these years.

I wish I would have thought of this when I was a teenager. I think of friends from high school and college who I have since lost touch, despite youthful promises that we would never.

 The guys at the lake say the scheduled photo shoot probably kept them together. I suspect it also motivated a few diets and sit ups in the weeks before the trip.

 Every teenager should start this tradition, a summer group shot of your group, your gang. And every one of you promises to reunite at the same spot every five years, until there’s no one left to push the button on the timer.

Want to see the 30 years worth of pictures from the lake? Click here.

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Northwest Today Forecast: A Change in the Weather

Journalists, particularly broadcast journalists, eat a lot of going away cake. It seems with every change of the season, someone in the news room moves on to greener pastures. Sometimes they follow their spouse, other times their career, or a hunch. Just like just your workplace, people move on, only perhaps a bit sooner in journalism.

But that’s life. Cut the cake, toast farewell, and clean out the desk for the next guy.

Okay. So now I’ve prepared you.

Blake Jensen, Weather Anchor, aka Weather Unit

I’m losing Blake Jensen, the weather anchor on Northwest Today. Blake joined Northwest Today as a reporter. When Jordan Youngs left last summer for the Tri Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau, Blake moved into the weather position. I thought he’d be around at least a couple of years, but the company station in Spokane is snatching him away.

Good for Blake. Good for the company. For me, it’s a drag.

Of course, we’re all happy for Blake, me grudgingly. I thought he’d be around at least a couple of years (That’s the general time range before many broadcasters start getting antsy, and contracts wind down).

But that’s life.

Although the time has been short, Blake, it has been a blast. Not many people have made me laugh on the air–when you’re not supposed to laugh– but more than once over the past year you have had me in hysterical tears (No one should have so much energy as you, especially at five in the morning).

We blame it on sleep deprivation, but in truth, the Northwest Today crew is a family–and that includes everyone getting up every morning and watching–and we’re having to say goodbye to one of us.

Blake’s last morning on Northwest Today is Thursday. If you’d like to drop him a goodbye note,  you can do so on the KNDU or KNDO Facebook Pages, or Blake’s Facebook Page (the page where you can’t see his assorted Halloween get-ups at WSU and other incriminating photographs).

White cake? Chocolate? Maybe carrot. We haven’t decided.


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