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We should have played the Superbowl last Sunday. The jokes and the avocados were fresher.

The Kingdome Implosion 2000 (Just had to show it)

The Kingdome Implosion 2000 (Just had to show it)

Remember when we determined the world champions just one week after the championship games? It was just enough time to plan the party, make a friendly wager, mash-up the guacamole, thoomp; kick-off.

But now we endure two weeks of pregame hoopla. That’s two weeks of sports people doing what sports people are very good at: over-dramatizing. It’s not necessarily their fault. They have two weeks to fill, after all.Superbowl_Trophy_Crop

The faulty inflated ball thing may or may not turn out to be significant, but after the SNL spoof, it had pretty much run its course. But with that second week of pregame, we’re getting a second dose of speculation and accusation, followed by expert analysis of the speculation and the accusers.

One player showed up to a pregame event whining that his employer “made him” participate, all the while wearing attire promoting his own brand.  Whether he has a point or his boss has a point, I won’t rehash here. You’ve heard it, the replay and the analysis afterward. We’ve got two weeks to fill, after all.

The league commissioner had a verbal confrontation with a reporter at a news conference. The remarks resulted in a ten-minute news segment with the reporter and colleagues defending the reporter, followed by, you know it, analyzing and speculating on the commissioner’s future.

News bulletin: A news source and a reporter locking horns at a news conference isn’t news. That’s the process of news gathering.

What we got was drama.

And really, do we need two weeks of critters on the evening news predicting the outcome?

Through all of the pregame hype and hullabaloo, I’ve heard doodly-squat about, you know, the actual game. Which team has the better defense?  Will it be high-scoring? Who’s going to win?  What happened to all that speculation and analysis?  I guess we’ll hear that during the eight-hour pre-game show.

Someone please, hike the ball!

And go Seahawks.


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