SALAD DAYS (It’s not a cookbook)

Salad_days_translationI have been hunkered down for the past several weeks—okay—months, working on the hardest part of SALAD DAYS. That wouldn’t be writing the novel. That’s the easy, fun part. Convincing a literary agent or publisher to back the manuscript; that’s the hard part, certainly the aspect debut authors dread.  It seems I spend most of my “writing time” sending query letters to agents and publishing companies throughout the western hemisphere, rather than actually writing. But I’ve reached the mountain top, the summit of Parnassus.  I’ve boiled down the 400 page narrative of SALAD DAYS to a one-page synopsis ready to pitch to a list of potential agents and publishers. And while time remains a precious commodity, I can at least start to catch up on the blog, my Facebook status and by other means bolster my social media presence—if you haven’t noticed already, that’s how authors sell books these days. That social presence will include putting out a short story spun-off from the novel. I plan to give it away, in hopes its wonderfulness will entice you to read the full-length novel. If everything goes well, you should be able to read WELCOME TO CHANNEL SIX in a few months or so, that is, if I close this page and get back to writing it. Stay tuned.


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  1. Anonymous

    Well then get back to work, Kevin. We still really miss you on the morning news, and we’re always happy to hear from you! Looking forward to your book!

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