Do you comment?

Tina Corliss Dragoo this weekend posted on the KNDU Facebook Wall, “This page is becoming a bunch of hate mongers.”

Tina I think was responding to a comment I didn’t see personally, but I presume a website manager had deleted (KNDU’s Facebook policy is that all comments are pretty much fair game, except profanity. One *!*X and you get the del button).

99.99 percent of FB Fans are good souls with diversified opinions. It’s just some people are a bit raw in their approach, the cantankerous yet lovable uncle of the family, you might say.  But Tina makes a good point. Or maybe it’s an observation. Tina, like the rest of us, sees through a minority of transparent people whose comments reveal a lot more than their words.

And now, I’d like to comment about commenting.

Occasionally, alright, just about everyday, I’ll read a story on and or another news website ( is my homepage)and I’m tempted to respond in the comment section. Usually I don’t, however.

First, on the KNDU and KNDO websites, it’s not my role to editorialize or grandstand my opinions. Just because I anchor a newscast doesn’t give my half-baked opinions any more weight than your half-baked opinions. If I have factual information that may add some perspective, then I’ll post. Otherwise, I keep a low profile.

Second, as you have probably noticed, some comments come from people with their minds made up, and nothing is going to change that. Not a change of facts or circumstances (President Obama could cure cancer and some people still wouldn’t support him, while others would back him regardless).

And of course, some comments are ugly, vicious indicators of some people’s hate, prejudice and bigotry (Not so much on our FB or website, but some threads on CNN and other global websites can be downright *!*X scary).  And I don’t want to be part of that. So I don’t comment.

And third, Garrison Keillor once offered this philosophy I try, but too often forget to apply in everyday life: “Never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.”

I have found that bit of quid works best at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. 

Have a good weekend. See you in the morning on Northwest Today.



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5 responses to “Do you comment?

  1. Wasn’t that a Will Rogers quote?

  2. Yes, I comment. Not always, but If I think I can add a bit to the discussion, I’ll chime in. I, too, am amazed at the amount of hate and vitriol that is out there. And sometimes I just have to say something that, hopefully, will cause at least one of the haters to rethink their position.
    I love your Garrison Keillor quote.

  3. Jude

    I do comment. I find people are far more willing to express hate, rage and racism when they can hide behind the anonymity of a ‘username.’ I am amazed at hatred spewed with such casualty.
    Completely off topic – I am so glad to see you back in the local media. I appreciated the work you did on that ‘other’ network for many years and most especially the work you did on behalf of the animals in our community.

  4. blackwatertown

    Normally (and appropriately in answer to your question here) – yes. Even if that means I have to respectfully disagree. Sometimes if feels like my duty to do so in cases like racism – better to incur a backlash than to click on by. A dissenting voice might give someone heart or the prompt to think again. Or so I kid myself.
    Your book sounds interesting. Kudos for managing both it and the overnights.

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